Strobe Light Skull Red

Item #: 21102

Strobe Light Skull Red

This mummified skull features flashing eyes

The gauze wrapped around this skull is red with blood - or is it embalming fluid? When the skull's eyes flash up in the dark you can be sure that some of your Halloween party guests will nearly have a heart attack.

The Strobe Light Skull Red is nearly life-size. It is made of heavy polyresin, a resin compound, and wrapped in red gauze but eyes and nose were left uncovered. An LED strobe light keeps flashing inside the skull. You can set the strobe on permanent operation or, using the hand switch, have it flash only for a short moment . Also available are the Strobe Light Skull Green and the Strobe Light Skull Moss. For more skull decorations have a look at the Monte M. Moore Skull Box, the Skull Spider with Spiderweb and the Steampunk Skull Box.


  • Material: polyresin, gauze
  • Colour: red
  • Dimensions: height approx. 13 cm, length approx. 18 cm, width approx. 14 cm
  • Batteries included!