Roadkill Squirrel

Item #: 20209

Roadkill Squirrel

A squirrel lead astray

All roads lead to Rome, but our squirrel should have chosen a different one, that's for sure. The poor little fella ended up as a squishy matter on a busy highway. Not exactly the end one would wish for...

The Roadkill Squirrel is a cuddly toy made of plush that also makes a creepy Halloween decoration for kids. The run over plush animal has a  lolling tongue, bulging eye and a tire print across his back. The squirrel features a zip so you can open his belly and pull out fabric blood and guts. For more gory Halloween decorations for children check out the Doorstop Bloody Weasel and the Roadkill - Hedgehog!

Product information:

Material: plush
Colour: brown
Size: approx. 25 cm