LED stroboscope blue

Item #: 16611

LED stroboscope blue

Blue, battery powered LED Strober

The stroboscope is one of the most effective light effects to conjure up a creepy atmosphere and eerie atmosphere for the perfect Halloween party.Blue lightning and dramatic lighting effect produced by the blue strobe light and it can thus creepy situations are underlined.For battery-powered strobe blues there are many uses as it would, for example, for police services, the alarm light a bunker, the flash of lightning and thunder, or the cold blue of a morgue.

With a strobe light effect as to entire rooms or individual decorative elements can illuminate and threatening to the gallery.The blue strobe has an adjustable speed.The blue strobe is battery operated with 3 AA batteries included!

  • Delivery: 1 batteriebetriebense LED stroboscope
  • Color: blue
  • Size: 8cm x 8cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Batteries: incl.