Haunted Castle Keychain

Item #: 22266

Haunted Castle Keychain

Realistic Halloween decoration in antique look

In ancient walls drive has always been ghosts and the living dead mischief - as you should have at least say the right key to entrench themselves in the tower room can.The Haunting keychain lets you express an atmospheric haunted house character of your Halloween party.

The Haunting keychain consists of five different ornate keys, which are held together by a ring.Due to the heavy metal and the rust-brown hue that scary accessory is available for a real antique keys in nothingness.As a fitting room decoration we recommend Ghost Hanging Figure and for covering the Ghost Mask Deluxe ,

  • Scope of delivery: 1 x Ghost Schlosss keyring consisting of a ring and five keys
  • Color: auburn
  • Size: approx. 20 cm long
  • Material: Metal