Boiler Room Fragrance Spray 30 ml

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Boiler Room Fragrance Spray 30 ml

The stinging Boiler Room Smell will take you to the world of Freddy Kruerger.

The success of a Halloween party not only depends on the decoration, but also on the appropriate smell. The scent of oil and old heating systems of this Boiler Room Fragrance Spray will make you feel like you were in one of Freddy Krueger's nightmares. The oily smell will make you think of rusty pipes and spooky sounds and your horror party will be an unforgettable event for all senses.

The Boiler Room Spray comes in a little bottle with atomizer nozzle for easy spraying. Best spray the fragrance oil on some old cloth rags and hang them from the ceiling of your party location or spray it directly on your Halloween props. Beware not to spray it on your furniture as the pungent smell lingers and is hard to get rid of. Avoid skin contact and and do not inhale directly. 

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Additional information on the Boiler Room Spray: 

  • 1 bottle with spray nozzle
  • Contains: approx. 30 ml
  • Fragrance: heating ,oil("Boiler Room")

Caution! Warning!!
The fragrance spray is only suitable for adults! This item is not a toy for children!
Do only spray on specifically selected objects (e.g. party decorations), do not spray on furniture and the like!
Avoid direct skin contact and do not inhale directly!