Barbed wire Rust Realistic Deluxe 6m

Item #: 13811

Barbed wire Rust Realistic Deluxe

This rusty barbed You give any Halloween decorations that look as if decades come any visitor of the way.

Dog Common false barbed wire should be a staple in any torture chamber!

The ca.6 m long, artificial barbed wire, making it ideal to decorate rooms, tables and set decorations.The spurious Barbed wire Rust Realistic Deluxe 6m also looks awesome from when this z.B.a body / head is attached and is also decorated with fake blood.Of the Tattoo barbed Wire looks super realistic from but is made of soft material and therefore flexible and safe to use.Ideal for decorating a horror house, torture chamber or a medieval scene.The barbed wire can be great with our Rusty brown iron chain small , of the Rusty Old Pillory Chain or the rusty Rusty Crane Hook on Chain combine.

  • Material: synthetic fiber
  • Length: approx. 6m