Witches shower Plutonita chewing gum

Item #: 21825

Witches shower Plutonita chewing gum

Colorful gum with shower filling

If it really boils in the Witch's Kitchen by Plutonita and evaporated, this boils again determined her delicious Witches effervescent chewing gum with shower filling.These delicious, decorated in purple or green chewing gum give when bitten a tingling sensation on the tongue.

The very tasty witches shower Plutonita chewing gum are provided with the taste of bright green apples and sweet grapes.Super a huge joy when "Trick or Treat" to collect sweets tasty and for each child.The color of the chewing gum may not be selected for logistical reasons.Do try our delicious Haribo Woodruff spirits .

Package included: 1 x witches shower Plutonita chewing gum
  • Contents: 1 gum ball
  • Color: Purple or Green
  • Taste: Fruity like apple or grape
  • Weight: 5 g

Nutrition information per piece: 16 kcal, fat 0 g (of which saturates 0 g), 4 g carbohydrates, 3 g sugar, 0 g protein, salt 0.06 g
Ingredients: Sugar, gum base, glucose syrup, corn oil, corn starch, acidifier E330, acidity regulator E500i, flavors, emulsifier Sojalecethin E322, humectant E422, dyes Violet Ball: (E120, E133), Green ball: (E100, E133), glazing agent E903, thickener E414, antioxidants E321.Dyes may affect the activity and attention of children.