Terrible monster eye socket with 40 hrs

Item #: 15701

Terrible monster eye socket with 40 pieces

Super delicious fruit gum eyes for your Halloween Party

Terrible monster eyes are the Halloween Candy Tip! Halloween Candy without Food is inconceivable for children.Gruesome eyes marshmallow mass, sweet Glipper and jelly.The terrible monster eye taste delicious and are a hit at any Halloween party.The sweet, sour terrible monster eyes are particularly well suited as a plate decoration, as raffle item or as sweets surprise for Halloween custom Trick or Treat, also often known in Germany as Trick or Treat else there.Little ghosts and witches want finally a reward for their great Halloween costume.

The terrible monster eyes are in the can again individually wrapped in different colors and each ca.3.5cm tall.

  • Content: Box with 40 pieces = 752g.


Glucose syrup, sugar, mod.Potato starch, gelatin, citric acid, lactic acid and malic acid, acidity regulator Calcium citrates, flavors, fat veg.cured, dyes E104, E124, E131, E171.