Shock Pirats Chewing Gum

Item #: 15003

Shock Pirats Chewing Gum

Ultra sour gum pirates as funny chewing fun!

Various flavors, extra sour chewing gum with a liquid filling.Look at the horrified faces of ghosts, witches and vampire for Halloween and when you give of sweet or acidic questions them superacidic gum.The ultra acidic gum is such a shock that one can only gasp.

Extra sour gum! Mixed tropical flavor and ultra ultra sour at the beginning.Truly a shock, there are loads of hackles and one gasps.The party gag for all Trick or Treat fans!

  • 1 x Shock Pirats Chewing Gum
  • Net weight: 4 g

Ingredients: Sugar, gum, Glukosirup, humectants, E420, E422, acidifier: E296, E330, emulsifiers soy lecithin, Vedickungsmittel, gum arabic, carnauba wax coating agents, antioxidants E 320

Country of origin: Italy, Manufacturer: Perfetti Van Melle S.p.A., Via XXV Aprile 7, 20020 Lainate, Italy