Monster Mallow Sugar Foam Apple

Item #: 19727

Monster Mallow Sugar Foam Apple

A greenish apple-flavoured slime! Yummy!

The Monster Mallow Sugar Foam looksabsolutely revolting! - which makes it the ideal candy for your Halloween party. Monstrous sweets are just what you want for Halloween! The apple-flavoured foam sugar paste comes in a tube with Frankenstein monster design which matches the liquid apple marshmallow in terms of colour!

The Monster Mallow Sugar Foam is a liquid, foamy sugar paste with green apple flavour. The tube is 31 cm long altogether and comes with a reclosable lid. You can hold the tube at the plastic ring at the bottom while pushing the attached bat upwards in order to squeeze out the monster mash. The scary Frankenstein monster design on the tube adds the right Halloween feeling to the liquid marshmallow paste. Try the Monster Mallow Sugar Foam Raspberry and the Monster Mallow Sugar Foam Strawberry, too!

Additional information on the Monster Mallow:

  • 1 tube (31 cm long)
  • Flavour: green apple
  • Net weight: 30 g. Equal to 6,50 Euros / 100g
  • Ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, water, egg white powder, acidifying agent:citric acid, flavouring, thickening agent: carrageen, preserving agent: potassium sorbate, colourant: E100, E133.

Not suitable for children under the age of 3. Choking hazard because of small parts that coulde swallowed. Adult supervision recommended.