Mini Dracula Teeth of foam sugar 150 St.

Item #: 13853

Mini Dracula teeth from marshmallow

Delicious Dracula teeth of Trolli than perfect confectionery items for Halloween

The little pearly whites neignen as Halloween table decorations, souvenirs for parties or as a raffle object and delight any little tots.The funny shape the Mini Dracula Teeth of foam sugar gives them a special look and are a hit for Halloween and horror fetuses.The ideal table decoration for any Halloween party!

The sweet Draculagebisse are ideal for decorating dishes, cocktails, salads, cakes, puddings, etc.Together with our small Haribo Vampires Fruit Gums and the Colorful monster Lollys there is a great Trick or Treat Horror mix!

Contents of the can: Trolli Mini Dracula Teeth 150 St.= 1050g.

Ingredients: Glucose syrup, sugar, gelatin, humectants, sorbitol, acidulant Citronesäure ud lactic acid, flavors, Farbstsoffe, titanium dioxide, cochineal, oil vegetal, releasing agent: beeswax, Canubawac dyes E129, E171, vegetable fat, release agents beeswax

Nutrition information per 100g: Condensing 334.00 (kcal) Protein: 4.80 grams, carbohydrates: 77.00 grams, of sugar: 54.00 grams Fat: 0.20 grams, which saturates: 0.20 grams, Sodium: 0, 20 grams

Manufacturer / Country of origin: Trolli GmbH 90763 Fürth (Germany)