Jello Woodruff

Item #: 10118

Jello Woodruff

Nuclear waste toxic, green Jell-O for Hexenküche

Simply bright green jello Woodruff as alien slime leprechaun soup or Zombiekotze designate and finished the Halloween dessert your creepy horror party for Halloween and carnival!

just for your horror fancy dress party the slimy jello Woodruff in disgusting pudding molds such.B.the Pudding mold head fill and leave to cool.The glibbrige jello Woodruff is also available as Lemon Flavoured Jelly and Jell-O Raspberry available in our Horror Shop.

  • Content: 2 bag = 23.4 gl jello powder for 500ml (1/2 l) water.1 bag is sufficient for about 4 servings.

Halloween Dekotipp:

  • The disgusting glibbrige jello Woodruff looks particularly creepy made when HARIBO rubber animals are worked with in
  • All adult Halloween, horror and carnival fans can give jello Woodruff a little vodka or gin to the tastes Customised delicious!

Gelatin, citric fumaric acid, food coloring Saflorkonzentrat, natural flavoring, coloring E131

Nutritional information per 100 g: Energy: 305 kJ / 72 kcal; Fat 0g, saturated fat; Carbohydrates: 16.4g, of which sugars: 16.4g; Protein 1.3 g, 0.02 g salt

Country of origin: Germany, Manufacturer: Dr.August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG 33547 Bielefeld D