Haribo Anaconda giant snake

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Haribo Anaconda giant snake

Delicious tasting fruit jelly snakes for adventurers & Jungle Fans

Now there are for children and adults, the fruity-tasting Haribo Anaconda giant snakes in the large pack.The fruit jelly snakes are great for a birthday party or candy for Halloween.Otherwise, more dangerous, the Haribo Anaconda boa is executed quietly taste sweet and super fruity!

Each of Haribo Anaconda boa is taken out individually, ca.35cm long and has approximately45 g weight.Thus, the Haribo boas are really XXL.The piece is a combination of fruit gum and marshmallow and in the flavors Orange juice / strawberry, raspberry / strawberry and raspberry / lemon in the round container available.

1 x Dose Haribo Anaconda boas

  • Contents: 30 pieces
  • Net Weight: 1200g
  • Color: Green, Red, Yellow
  • without synthetic Colouring

Nutrition information per 100g: Condensing 1466kJ / 345kcal, 5.8g protein, carbohydrates 79g, of which sugars 53g Fat 0.5g, of which saturates 0.1g
salt 0.02g

Ingredients: Glucose syrup; Sugar; dextrose; Gelatin; Citric acid; Fruit and plant concentrates: safflower, apple, Spirulina, radish, sweet potato, carrot, lemon, blackcurrant, hibiscus; Aroma; Dye: curcumin; Glazing agent: beeswax white and yellow, carnauba wax; invert

Country of origin: Germany, Manufacturer: Haribo GmbH & Co.Kg Hans transom-Str 1 53129 Bonn