Chewing Gum Coins 100 PCS

Item #: 19492

Chewing Gum Coins 100 PCS

These coins are the perfect sweets for children's birthday parties!

For a real treasure hunt you need a treasure chest full of fantastic treasures. Our Chewing Gum Coins are perfect for the purpose as they look like precious gold and silver coins and contain a sweet surprise. The edible toy money also makes a cool accessory for a pirate or bankrobber costume.

The bubblegum coins come in packs of 100 pieces. The gold and silver wrappings are embossed with monuments, celebrities or crests which makes them look like real coins. Other popular sweets for children's parties are our Eyeball gum 10 items and the Shock Monster Mix chewing gum.

  • Pack contains: 100 pieces
  • Net weight: 350 g. Base price is 19,86 Euro / kg
  • Ingredients: sugar, gum base, glucose, artificial flavouring, red food colouring (FD & C red 3)