Center Shock chewing gum monster

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Center Shock chewing gum monster

Sour gum as Halloween candy

Shock Monster gum, an ultra sour chewing fun for Halloween fans! Various flavors, extra sour chewing gum with filling.Look, if this Halloween for sweet questions, and you give into the horrified faces of ghosts, witches and vampires them superacidic gum.The ultra sour gum that even the hard-boiled Gruselfan breath away.Super acidic taste experience!

This special is a brilliant candy for Halloween and party gag funny joke article! The gum comes in black or silver packaging with the inscription Mr.Slimmer or Greddy Spider.Order it best several chewing gums, as is determined by each motif this one with.More unique confectionery such Skewered Witch Eye Blue or Monster Miss Child Costume is available from the range of the Horror Shop.

1 x Center Shock chewing gum monster

  • 1 x Shock Monster gum
  • Net weight: 1 x 4 g

Ingredients: sugar, gum, glucose syrup, stabilizers sorbitol and glycerol, orange juice, acidity regulator malic acid and citric acid, flavors, emulsifier soya lecithin, thickener gum arabic, carnauba wax coating agents, antioxidants E 320

Country of origin: Italy, Manufacturer: Perfetti Van Melle S.p.A., Via XXV Aprile 7, 20020 Lainate, Italy