Blair`s After Death Sauce

Item #: 8801788

Blair's After Death Sauce

After this spicy dip can only come death

Anyone einlsst on this ultra sharp Soe really takes guts and a very strong stomachs.There goes a tiny drop of to transform a meal into a burning taste explosion.This Gewrzsauce belongs in every household of a Schrfeliebhabers.

Blair's After Death Sauce is the second schrfste Soe in our range, for her only, there is the Blair`s Mega Death Sauce ,The fiery sauce makes your received Next cookout for sharpness experience and is the toughest men knock your socks off.Blair's After Death Sauce should never be used unverdnnt and kept away from children.If that is too hot can first with the Blair`s Original Death Sauce kick off.

Package included: 1 x Blair's After Death Sauce

  • Content: 150 ml
  • Caution: Extremely sharp! Not unverdnnt use!
  • Keep out of children !!

Ingredients: red and orange habanero chiles, vinegar, fresh cayenne pepper, zerdrckter garlic, chipotle pepper extract, lime juice, cilantro, herbs, spices.

Nutritional value (100 ml): Condensing / 0 calories of energy, protein / protein 0 grams carbohydrates / Carbo 0 grams fat / fat 0 grams, 2.0 grams of salt

Country of origin: United States Manufacturer Gardner Resources Inc, Highlands NJ 07732