Zombie Kanalratte

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Zombie Kanalratte

Scary Horror creatures for a successful horror night

The Zombie sewer rat is an exceptional example of a full-blown Kanalratte.The huge and aggressive beast really frightened every unsuspecting viewer.The gray, hungry zombie Kanalratte with bared teeth, long paws, black eyes and the bare long tail is certainly not Mutties favorite and is a hateful pet.Before the zombie Kanalratte no building is safe and if need be you gnawing of rodents Hazardous the brain from the skull cup.

The Zombie sewer rat is a super successful Halloween decorative object and is suitable for rooms such as the witch's kitchen, the pantry, the dilapidated bathroom or the eerie entrance a haunted house.With the zombie sewer rat to cemetery scenarios can decorate, equip torture chamber oppressive or simulate old tunnel and canal system.To make your Halloween decorations with Zombie Kanalratte perfectly still recommended our Rats bottom sheet . Steinwand film and our iconic Cobwebs Spray ,This gives the Zombie Kanalratte their right eerie surroundings and feels a fiddle!

  • Delivery: 1x skull Kanalratte
  • Color: black
  • Size: approx. 27cm plus 20cm Rattenschwanz
  • Material: 100% foam filled latex