Snakes 12 PCS

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Snakes 12 PCS

Poisonous jungle snakes!

We all have learned form The Jungle Book that there are snakes in the jungle. Kaa, for instance, is a hungry Indian Python who constantly tries to hypnotize someone.  But beware! You don't necessarily need to go to the jungle to find a snake - lately some plastic ones have been seen snaking around at theme parties!

Theme parties are all the range on carnival! And the jungle and all it contains is a super cool party theme. Naturally you need a party decoration to match your theme! With our Snakes 12 PCS you are guaranteed to create a super cool decoration! Each of the snakes looks different, so you can put them all in one place and create a snake nest. The snakes not only make a cool decoration, but are also perfect to scare people. The little reptiles may only be approx. 12 cm long, but they do look quite lifelike and people with a fear of snakes will not like them at all.
Add our Slimy Jungle Camp Stag Beetle and the Worm Pills 10 PCS to the snakes for an authentic jungle camp feeling!

Additional information on the Snakes 12 PCS:

  • Bag contains: 12 pieces
  • Material: plastic
  • Not suitable for children under the age of 3
  • Each snake has a different design