Creeper 6 Pack

Item #: 21533

Creeper 6 Pack

Scary horror set for your Halloween party

An authentic Halloween event also includes an appealing decoration. With the Creeper 6-pack you can decorate your Party-Location in a variety of ways - your guests will be enthusiastic!

The Creeper 6-pack consists of a spider, a snake, a scorpion, a bat, a lizard and a centipede. The black creatures with the red eyes are perfect as floor and table decoration and are an absolute highlight for every horror fan. As further crawling and creeping decoration items we recommend the Bag of Cockroaches and the Maden UV luminous (48 St) ,

  • Delivery: A Creeper 6-Pack
  • Colour: black red
  • Material: plastic
  • Size: approximately 7 to 14 cm