Bat with suction cup and hanger

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Bat with suction cup and hanger

Insect Hunter and bloodsuckers Halloween decoration

In particular, flying bats are therefore suitable as a party decoration for the next creepy carnival or Halloween party.Hanging the bat from the ceiling or in a doorway and be troubled at your next carnival or Halloween party your friends with a spooky atmosphere.Here, you can make sure of a couple of fearsome that night be.,

Large, aggressive bat with brown skull, green button eyes and bat ears typical.The bat is made of latex and detailed.The bat, can be hung on an elastic band or attached to the, located on the bottom of suction cups, all smooth surfaces such as tiles and windows.Artificial cobwebs 60gr. and Decoration Moss 125g make spooky Halloween decoration perfectly!

Delivery: Bat with suction cup and hanger

  • Wingspan: approx36cm
  • Material: Latex

bats are an excellent addition to any Carnival - Halloween -or- costume party! bats live in dark caves and therefore hunt in the dark and always be seen as a terrible creatures of the night.The disgust and aversion we feel toward the bats, is also due to that we have the past bats and their way as they hunt and live, understood not accurate.Why our ancestors believed, bats were to be capable of communicating with spirits.This and the fact that they fly around the night, makes bats an ideal creature for creepy horror movies or Halloween parties.