Vampyre Symphonies from the Crypt CD

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Vampyre Symphonies from the Crypt CD

The realm of vampires lies hidden behind fog banks. You can only find it by following the eerie sounds in the mist...

The album Vampyre Symphonies from the Crypt is one of the best Halloween CDs ever released by the crazy guys from Midnight Syndicate. Die 3 musicians from Ohio are famous for their beautiful and mystic orchestral arrangements. This Halloween album contains the kind of soundtrack that is usually used for haunted houses in entertainment parks or for film productions.

This fantastic album is all about vampires and their dark existence. This fantastic album contains the perfect background music for haunted houses, Halloween parties or horror movies. 21 tracks of ghostly tunes, scary sound effects and pulse racing orchestral arrangements! No cheap sound effects but the art of composing spine-chilling tracks makes this album a masterpiece of exalted horror sound.

  • Playing time: approx. 50 min