Halloween Music Collection CD

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Halloween Music Collection CD

Ghoulish screams and bombastic, creepy orchestral music is coming from a castle where the Marquis de Sade seems to have a dance party! This fabulous Halloween Music Collection CD is the perfect background for a haunted house, a Halloween party or a home-made horror movie. 22 tracks of spooky melodies, stagy sound effects and puls-racing orchestral pieces. The makers of the album, Midnight Syndicate, have been known for ages for their fantastic soundtracks which are used as professional background sounds in amusement parcs all over the world. Just recently the masters of synth and electro did the creepy soundtrack of gore horror movie The Rage . The Halloween Music Collection CD doesn't contain any cheap sound effects, but truly amazing and eerie compositions that make this gothic horror album a masterpiece of high class horror sounds.

Contains 22 tracks, running time 62 minutes

1. Family Secrets
2. Darkness Descends
3. Fallen Grandeur
4. Room 47
5. Born of the Night
6. Raven's Hollow
7. Awakening
8. Shadows
9. Haunted Nursery
10. Army of the Dead
11. Dark Legacy
12. Morbid Fascination
13. Deadly Intentions
14. Undead Hunters
15. Soliloquy
16. Tempest
17. Grisly Reminder
18. Residents Past
19. Veiled Hunter
20. Alchemist's Chamber
21. Noctem Aeternus
22. Vampyre