Verottendes Kartoffelacker skeleton

Item #: 16989

Verottendes Kartoffelacker skeleton

Musty on antique trimmed plastic skeleton

The approaching autumn is not only the time at the Halloween and Thanksgiving is pending, it is also the time at which the farmers ask the potatoes while digging the pitch.The off and on body parts and skeletons come to light in this action, is not so rare.The brown, rotting Sklelett is a buried long ago candidate who no longer stand it under the damp earth.The brown solid skeleton with skull and torso is made of plastic and on old and antique.

The verottete Kartoffelacker skeleton is hervoragend Halloween decoration, can be hung from the ceiling or scare as opposed Corpus your Halloween party guests.A bony skeleton belongs to every good horror and ghost train decoration.The brown skeleton has a size of 55cm and fully flexible body parts such as skulls, bones arms, spine and pelvis and can be decorated prima in different positions.In addition, the verrottetende skeletal torso has a red LED lighting in the mouth and thus ensures eerie lighting.

  • Size: approx. 90 x 35 cm
  • Material: plastic
  • Button batteries included.