Skinned bloody dog

Item #: 15612

Skinned bloody dog

Good Hunting! If Hannibal Lecter would live in the countryside, this dog should not be missing in his collection! The trophy of a life-sized, bloody, skinned dog is to hang on the ceiling or wall.The skinned, bloody dog ​​is handcrafted, made of latex and has a size of 137 x 27cm!

Our realistic products are manufactured primarily for professional use in the film industry (CSI, Forensic Files, Crime Scene, Cobra 11 and various medical series).For the most part find our dummies used in the fire orBundeswehr and the Civil Protection Mechanism in order to give the persons working in a realistic impression of an insert for exercise purposes.Another field of application is the protection of animals.Many organizations such as the US Peta and this country many animal experiment opponents use our drastic Dummies made of latex to draw attention to the suffering of real animals in slaughterhouses, the pharmaceutical and fur industry.

To do it again clear for all overzealous animal rights activists: We use for our dummies no organic materials, neither Skeletter, eyes, hides, skins, etc.It is for all products to latex, foam and paint.We are opposed to any torture or killing of people and also of animals.