Severed Left Hand

Item #: 18919

Severed Left Hand

A lifelike looking decoration for gory Halloween events and spooky parties!

Who can tell if this severed hand belonged to a human? If so, the question is: why was the hand was cut off? In Medieval times thieves had a handtheir hands chopped off, but nowadays it seems rather unlikely. But what if the hand never belonged to a human being in the first place? We can say that the owner of the hand was already dead when the hand was cut off. Is this the hand of a zombie? As hands can't talk, we won't get any answers to all these questions and the riddle will never be solved.

The horrible hand was severed approx. 10 cm above the wrist. The bones and some bloody tissue are visible. The fingernails are are bloodied and  the bluish veins emphasize the pale skin of the dead hand. The hand is made with lots of attention to detail and looks quite lifelike. The plastic hand is approx. 26 x 9,5 cm, so it is nearly as big as a real one. You can make this Halloween and gore party decoration look even creepier by adding some Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml and Blood Gel / Blood Gel 30ml to the cut.  

 Additional information:

  • Includes: one Severed Left Hand
  • Material: vinyl
  • Dimensions: length: approx. 26 cm, width: approx. 9,5 cm