Realistic skull with no brain

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Realistic skull with no brain

Extremely realistic, bloody head without skullcap as horror movie prop

Professional Decoration Props are essential for showmen like ghost train owners and Horror film directors.Want with professional Horror equip your Halloween party as extraordinary event real decoration, the Realistic skull with no brain is just the ticket! The bloody head without skullcap is worked extremely realistic and can be seen as a prop only upon close inspection.

The Realistic skull with no brain shows a life-size head with his mouth wide open, the tongue has been away.The open skull shows the lack of brain.The head as Halloween and horror decoration is provided everywhere with shiny fake blood and is life-size.The detailed painting is made by hand and gives with the anatomically correct size and the lashes of real hair, the extremely realistic look.The Realistic skull with no brain acts so genuine, that this is used by civil protection and fire service as a prop for the realistic representation of the accident RUD.

1 x Realistic skull with no brain

  • Color: Skin color / Bloody
  • Size: approximately29 cm x 25 cm x 15 cm
  • Material: latex
  • Extremely realistic
  • Professional movie quality!