Net Full of Severed Fingers

Item #: 19678

Net Full of Severed Fingers

A lovely present for the host of the upcoming Halloween party!

When invited to a party, courtesy requires to bring a little present for the host. But you just can't bring flowers to a Halloween party!

You need something creepy to match the occasion. These Severed Fingers are just perfect! Any host of a Halloween party will be happy to fit them into his party decoration. The chopped of fake fingers are the perfect accessories to pep up the fridge or buffet table! The net contains 10 fingers of different sizes and shapes: 2 thumbs, 2 index fingers, 2 middle fingers, 2 ring fingers and 2 little fingers. The fingers are made of plastic and feature plastic finger nails. match them with some Black water spider 24 St. and Slimy Human Organs and create an absolutely disgusting party decoration!

Additional information on the Net Full of Severed Fingers:

  • Net with 10 fingers
  • Different sizes and shapes
  • 2 2 thumbs, 2 index fingers, 2 middle fingers, 2 ring fingers, 2 little fingers
  • Material: plastic
  • Glued on fingernails