Lifesize Ripped Ursa

Item #: 10151

Lifesize Ripped Ursa

Ripped Ursa, female body with open belly and abdomen!

Life-size body made of latex, amazingly genuine look through anatomically correct representation of the viscera.Ideally suited for the realistic representation of the accident or the representation of a murder scenario.Execution in film quality!

Our realistic products are made in the first line for professional use in the film industry (CSI, Forensic Files, Crime Scene, Cobra 11 and various medical series).Mostly hesitate Dummies use in fire or Bundeswehr and the civil protection, to represent the persons working in a realistic impression of an insert for exercise purposes.

In order to make clear once again for all overzealous animal rights: We use for our dummies no organic materials, neither Skeletter, eyes, hides, skins, etc.This is for all products to latex, foam and paint.We are against any torture or killing people and also animals.