Cousin Bob's Head on a Stake

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Cousin Bob's Head on a Stake

What's wrong with Bob?

The family sticks together, especially when it comes to hiding the destillery in the West Virginia woods from the local authorities. But Bob ws different from therest of the family. He was the first in three generations to learn how to read. He never really became friends with his cousins Bubba, Joe and Jim who enjoyed drinking, fighting and hunting. When, by mistake, he told a policeman about the secret family business, his relatives had enough.  Aunt Molly would have to do without Bob from now on. Screaming and yelling they ripped off his head, put it on a stake and propped it up in the woods to warn off anyone who wouldn't take family business serious enough.

The head of cousin Bob is a life-size prop on a piece of stake. The top of the stake has pierced the skull cap. The head has an open mouth with bared, yellow teeth, wide opened eyes and features synthetic hair. The stake consist of three parts. When assembled the head towers approx. 1,80 m above the ground. Its impressive size makes this gory prop a perfect front garden decoration. Match it with the 3 Piece Set grave stone 50 cm or with the Chopped, life-size head and the Shrunken Head Screaming Bubba and create super creepy sceneries.

  • Includes: head on a stake, three more parts of stake
  • Material: foam rubber, PVC
  • Length: max. approx.. 183 cm