screaming head in spinning cocoon LED

Item #: 15189

Spiders cocoon with head LED

Screaming and schüttelnder head with glowing red LED eyes

The head of a defenseless victim to an attack by monsters spiders.The mummified skull, which is enmeshed in a cobweb cocoon, has a wide-open mouth, and torn in panic LED eyes.The head is equipped with a motion and sound detectors.After triggering of the sensor shakes the head, crying terribly and can light up the eyes.

The Screaming head in spinning cocoon is powered by 2 AA batteries, batteries not included.Size 60cm X 17 cm x 20cm.Together with our Do shaking Cobwebs victims LED eyes , the Spinning larvae in the cocoon Large and the Cobwebs Spray can be so truly realistic vaults and horror chambers provide.