Ghost in Pumpkin Aufblasfigur

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Ghost in Pumpkin Aufblasfigur

The illuminated, self inflating "Ghost in Pumpkin Aufblasfigur is a super cool Halloween decoration for your garden or the entrance to your party.The atmospheric Halloween Animatronic make your Halloween party an absolute highlight in the neighborhood.With flashing lights and a size of about2.40m is the "ghost in pumpkin Aufblasfigur" to see little.

The "ghost in pumpkin figure" automatically blows up with a blower and fan, and so results in a size of the second40 and remains lit.For operation you need an US Voltage Converter 300 Watt / Adapter this is not included.The Ghost in Pumpkin Aufblasfigur you'll find, among many other great Halloween decorations such.B.the Giant Werewolf Aufstellfigur and the cool Inflatable giant witch with lighting 3,60cm in our Horror Shop.

Package included: 1 x Ghost in Pumpkin Aufblasfigur

  • Size: 2.4 m
  • Material: parachute silk polyester

You need for the inflatable figure a US-DC converter, not included