Family Guy Stewie Soap Bubble Figure

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Family Guy Stewie Soap Bubble Figure

Family Guy is an American animated television series created from 1999 on by Seth MacFarlane. The series centers on the Griffins, a dysfunctional family living in Quahog, a fictitious American small town. The family consists of parents Peter and Lois; their children Meg, Chris, and little darling Stewie whose head is shaped like a football and their pet dog Brian. Stewie, the youngest of the Griffin kids just for the heck of it still wets his nappy under his red dungarees but definitely is a diabolical genius. Due to his innocent looks he's hardly taken serious by the others and therefore extremely hates his mother Lois who he's trying to kill every now and so often. Here's stewie as a super funny soap bubble figure with his trousers down, blowing soap bubbles from his butt. Just fill the little keg with soap bubble liquid and the little rascal lifts his arm and starts to blow shiny bubbles. This mega cool animatronic is worked by 4 AAA batteries that are included in delivery. Have a look at our other Family Guy fan articles like the Family Guy Brian Costume, outfit of the family's super smart pet and the mask of the patriarch Family Guy Peter Griffin Mask!

Size: approx. 18cm high with 15cm diameter

Material: plastic

Soap bubble liquid is not included!!!