Dancing Pumpkin Animatronic

Item #: 19226

 Dancing Pumpkin Animatronic

This funny pumpkin man will pep up your Halloween decoration!

Our Dancing Pumpkin Animatronic is an extraordinarily hilarious idea for your Halloween decoration, guaranteed to cause a lot of fun and laughter. The cute little pumpkin man sings and spins happily to entertain your party guests. A great little animatronic for Halloween parties and horror events.

The Dancing Pumpkin Animatronic is approx. 25 cm high has a little engine inside which makes it turn from right to left while playing entertaining mood music. The cheeky smile and big goggle eyes make the animated pumpkin absolutely irresistible. The little fella has wires in his arms and his long stem, so you can bend them in different positions. For more cool animated decoration, have a look at the funny Dancing Witch Animatronic or, if you like it a little creepier, the Psycho Sam Animatronic.

Additional information on the Dancing Pumpkin Animatronic:

  • size: 25 cm high (without stem)
  • material: coveredwith cloth
  • needs 3 AA batteries to work
  • sings and spins