Chopped off Hand Doorknocker

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Chopped off Hand Doorknocker

Let me in! Let me in! Was the last they heard of him.

This is not one of this expensive doorknockers with a lion on it. This chopped off hand is the rest of Horst. He tried to get in the house of the Hansons, but didn't open. So hordes of zombies surrounded and ate him. But they don't like his left hand. After the zombies left, the Hansons couldn't remove the rest of Horst. Now he still knocks on the door and from the bottom of hell his yell comes up to the Hansons: "Let me in!.."

The Chopped Off Hand Doorknocker can be started with a button on the left side. It yells three times "Let me in" and the Hand knocks 5 - 7 times on your door. With a transparent band and a sucker cup the Doorknocker must be installed. Throw the band over your door and attache it with a cellotape. Push the sucker cup at your door to locate the electronic unit. It runs with three AA batteries. No worries, your door will be alright after halloween, on the backside of the hand is a rubber point which hits the door gently. As an option you can fix the electronic unit on a nail. The Hand is open at the bottom. You can fill it with the rest of the shirt or let it stick out. Both looks fantastic. For a much more realistic look get yourself some Zombie fake blood 470ml or a creepyTalking Skull Animatronic for your yard.

Information Chopped Off Hand Doorknocker:

  • Contains: Chopped Off Hand Doorknocker and 3x AA batteries
  • throw it over your door to fix it
  • by hitting a button the hand moves and knocks your door and plays the sound "Let me in"
  • Material: 100% PVC
  • Measurements: Hand: 21cm long, 10cm broad at the widest point, electronic unit: H x W x D: 8x7x6cm