TYSTAR controller 100 Orange St.

Item #: 8802474

TYSTAR controller 100 Orange St.

The bright participant ribbon as admission control

With the 100 wristbands you have a reliable control on the door.Only someone who has a participant ribbon may on the Ferihegy, it was just a private birthday party or a concert in a small village, the party wristband orange make the party a blast.

TYSTAR controller 100 Orange St.Are made of Tyvek, a high strength polyethylene fiber nonwoven (Pure HDPE = high density polyethylene), which is produced by a special spinning method, and thus receives its own individual structure.To attach the orange party wrist straps simply dasPapier solve at the end and glue over each other.The IDENT controller Wristbands Blue are more great access tapes.

Scope of delivery: TYSTAR controller 100 Orange St.
Material: Tyvek
Dimensions: 25 x 2 cm
Color: orange
numbered consecutively