Chinese Lanterns

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Chinese Lanterns

Light your Midsummer Night party with colourful Chinese Lanterns!

Your garden party is ready to start and the first guests arrive. Chinese Lanterns make sure they don't get lost in the dark. Create an extraordinary party atmosphere!

The 3 lanterns have different colours and shapes. One lantern is square, one is triangular and one is rhombic. They come in the colours yellow, orange and blue.  On the top and bottom, each lantern is pasted up with yellow patterned paper and features a China style tassel at the bottom.  Every lantern has a small candleholder inside, so you can light your lampion with a candle. The lanterns are decorated with beautiful Chines flower designs. For easy hanging these lovely paper lanterns have a small metal hanger. For a perfect summer party decoration, match the Chinese Lanternswith our Sunflower Garland and the Daffodils garland red-yellow-orange !

The Chinese Lanterns contain 3 pcs