Cobwebs balloons

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Cobwebs balloons

Evocative balloons with cobwebs motif to decorate your Halloween party

With our cobwebs balloons it is to decorate your children's Halloween party in style.The Halloween balloons with cobwebs as a motif are the perfect Halloween decoration.You can decorate bound or individually the black, orange mixed horror balloons.Especially at the entrance ton your Halloween party are the cobwebs balloons an eye-catcher.

6 large, orange and black balloons with cobwebs motif.The balloons can be up to a size of about27,5cm bloat.Decorated in the colors of Halloween balloons suitable for Halloween parties, as well as for children's birthdays, or carnivals.also known as sorted balloons Happy Halloween 8 St. . Witches and Cats Balloons . Skull and Bones Balloons available.

  • Content: 6 pieces, each 3 per color
  • Size: inflatable to about27.5 cm
  • Material: latex
Balloons are not suitable for children under 6 years and always require adult supervision.When swallowed uninflated balloons in asphyxiation.Burst balloons must be removed immediately.Keep away from the eyes.
The use of a balloon pump is recommended.