Sweet Birthday Foil Balloon

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Sweet Birthday Foil Balloon

Birthday cupcake with balloon print

Candy and cake to be on the birthday party, every child knows that ! The Sweet Birthday Foil Balloon is exactly right for you.You can add a balloon that is printed with a delicious tart as a guide to the buffet, use hint balloon for sweet treats and as decoration for your party.

The Sweet Birthday foil balloon is made of a special film.The balloon can be filled with air or helium and is equipped with a self-closing valve flash.The flight time of a Helium balloon is considerably longer than a latex balloon.The special valve foil balloons can be refilled to the.With air-filled foil balloons many weeks or months can hold.

Package included: 1 x Sweet Birthday Foil Balloon

  • Color: light blue, rainbow
  • Size: about 43 cm
  • The foil balloon will be shipped WITHOUT FILLING!
  • Foil balloons are reusable, they can be refilled with air or helium.
  • The measurements for foil balloon refers to the diameter in the unfilled state.

CAUTION: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age because small parts can be swallowed!.