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Norman is not just a misunderstood by his environment outsiders, but also has a gift that distinguishes it from all other children. Because the boy can speak with the dead. When trying to free his home and his family from a centuries-old curse, gets the young Geisterflu? Sterer to do it but not only with zombies, but also with ghosts, witches and, not least pesky adults. Soon his paranormal skills seems to u? Bernatu? Encountering NATURAL limits ...

The makers of the Oscar-nominated masterpiece Coraline sign with "ParaNorman" zuru? Ck and place it again an unusual family film with funny characters and a creepy-charming story before. A unique feature is the film of Sam Fell (Flushed Away) and Chris Butler (Corpse Bride - Corpse Bride) and technical terms, because while on the one hand offers high-class stop-motion animation, ParaNorman is on the other hand only the second film this Art that has arisen in modern 3D technology.

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To enter the contest you have to correctly answer only the following Frag:

What is the fat friend of Norman?

A: Neil Downe

B: Kurt Up

The competition is closed. Thank you for participating!

You can win:

4 x fan packages with night lamp, note pad, pens and stickers and

1 x Main Price (1x fan package + signed poster by Travis Knight Chief Animator of ParaNorman)

In fan package, check the following

ParaNorman Movie Trailer

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