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Paranormal Activity - The Drawn: Win 2 free tickets to the exclusive preview

Evil draws on and so finds the cruel demon who already struck the family Featherston, in Paranormal Activity - THE SUBSCRIBED his next victim in the Latin American community of Oxnard, California. And he is more dangerous than ever!

As a teenager Jesse curiosity breaks into the apartment of a brutally murdered old lady from the neighborhood, he found not only old videotapes and occult objects, but also a photo of yourself. Months later, he wakes up after a night of terrible nightmares with a bite wound on forearm. It quickly becomes clear: It is not a gift, it is not an accident, it is only the beginning. The violent Haunting offset its entire environment in terror, leaving behind a trail of destruction. In the battle for Jesse's soul, his friends help bring in Kristi Featherstons stepdaughter Ali who had to witness as a child, the terrible events in her family. But this time all hope seems vain, because who bears the sign, becomes a victim. Jesse will never be the same and no one is safe from the attacks of the evil power ...

Paranormal Activity - THE SUBSCRIBED, a spin-off of the cult series starts on January 2, 2014 in the cinemas. We of raffle among all participants 2 free tickets for the exclusive previews of FIlms on 13.12.2013 in the following cities:

  • Hamburg - UCI Othmarschen
  • Berlin - UCI Gropius
  • Dusseldorf - UCI
  • Dresden - UCI
  • Munich - Mathäser

Contest to "Paranormal Activity - The drawn":

Win 2x2 free tickets for the Exclusive Preview and experience Paranormal Acitvity - The drawn before anyone else! All you have to do is to answer the following question correctly:

When does Paranormal Activity - The drawn in the cinema?

a) 13 December 2013
b) on January 02, 2014
c) on February 13, 2014

The competition is closed. The correct answer is b) on January 02, 2014.

Thank you for participating, your team

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