V For Vendetta mask Deluxe

Item #: 20412

V For Vendetta mask Deluxe

The original licensed Guy Fawkes Mask from the movie V for Vendetta is now available in Deluxe version

The world famous by the comic V for Vendetta mask or mask Anonymous is the only one that is available as official merchandise.

The screen adaptation of the cult comic has hit like a bomb.The screenplay was written by the Wachowski brothers, who have already been disclosed by the Matrix trilogy.The film is in totalitarian guided Great Britain, in which a virus killed thousands of citizens.The only survivor of a forced experiment defied the leadership by killing the leading members of the regime.In an action saves V a young woman in front of a rape by government agents.In a deal V is seriously injured.He can just drag too Evey, but he dies in your arms a few moments later.

The original licensed V for Vendetta Deluxe mask is made of a high quality and durable plastic.The V Deluxe mask is hand painted and elaborately painted.By foam padding on the inside and the wide rubber band promises the V for Vendetta mask unique comfort.Be it deserves its name on a demonstration by Anonymous or on the Carnival celebration that has V for Vendetta film mask.

  • Delivery: a V for Vendetta mask
  • Material: sturdy plastic
  • Color: handpainted