Scherzbrille Waking Condition

Item #: 18468

Scherzbrille Waking Condition

Always watchful as a joke

The Scherzbrille waking state is the dream of every student. Finally, the day through sleep without having to reckon with consequences. The Scherzbrille Wachzustand is an absolute highlight and a real must for every schoolboarder, because the party glasses have imprinted eyes in the glasses and makes you look as if you would follow the rest of the nerd faction eagerly following the lessons. With the Hellwach joke you do not have to do without a party, because you can rest the next day so peacefully in your office chair.

The joke glasses with false eyes is a round glasses with black frame, which gives you a typical Professor look missed. The juggling watch is also an ideal outfit accessory for every carnival and bath key party.

  • Scope of supply: glasses with false eyes
  • Material: Plastic