Nosferatu Foam Latex Application

Item #: 12179

Nosferatu Foam Latex Application

High-quality vampire mask for your Halloween make-up

Count Orlok, the Transylvanian Count, driven by the desire for a beautiful maiden, comes to Wissburg and brings death and destruction, with an army of rats and vermin in the wake. Nosferatu is probably one of the most famous horror movie classics. Even Max Schreck as Count Orlok the actor of one of the earliest vampire films from the silent movie era wore a similar Make Up.

Unmounted and made of soft foam latex, the Nosferatu mask can be applied to your face with Mastix skin glue or liquid latex. It's best to start by sticking with the nose and then work your way slowly to the edge of the face. Disturbing transitions can be wonderfully concealed with liquid latex. After the mask has dried on, you can apply it individually with aqua make-up or watercolors. The soft foam latex keeps the facial expressions of your own face intact so you can act like a real actor. After use, carefully remove the mask from your face using the best mastic remover. If handled carefully, you can reuse the Nosferatu Mask more often.

  • Scope of delivery: 1 x Nosferatu foam latex application
  • Size: 3/4 facial application
  • Material: Foamlatex
  • unvarnished
  • Skin glue and make up not included