Scar wax for unusual Halloween make-ups

Create your own scars with the Modeling Wax and let it come to mind with special makeup effects. The Face & Body wax is a must for every makeup artist. The modeling wax and helps you make-up artificial wounds, Narneb, warts and skin cracks or to hide transitions of latex applications.

The modeling wax has a capacity of approx. 49 g and will be delivered in a resealable plastic container with lid. Simply fix the skin-colored wax with some skin glue on the desired spot and then shape the wound or scar as desired with a Spartel or knife back.

Delivery: 1 x modeling wax

  • Content: 1 x wax
  • Colour: Skin color
  • Amount: 49 g
  • Modeling wax for wounds and scars
Attention: A test for allergic skin reactions in the crook of the arm is recommended, as the skin adhesive may cause temporary redness in sensitive skin. If you show a severe reddening during the test in the crook of your arm, we advise against using the skin glue.