Jason Voorhees Hanging Figure

Item #: 20427

Jason Voorhees Hanging Figure

Hang you the nightmare of Friday the 13thin your living room

As a small child in the Crystal Lake thrown and drowned, he later comes back and takes revenge on the young people who have teased him so much.This film Memorabilia of the cult classic adorn your room with this creepy serial killer.

The Jason hanging figure is about 46 cm tall, holding in his right hand his bloodstained machete.This legless serial killer Deco's in a frayed rag and has for Mr.Voorhees typical hockey mask on.Schockiere and now troubled your Halloween party guests by enabling Jason leaves dangling from the ceiling.The Jason Shot Glasses 2 Pieces and the Jason Voorhees grave stone are also a cool decoration idea.

  • Delivery: 1 x Hanging Figure
  • Color: brown
  • Dimensions: approximately46 cm