Cauldron medium with handle

Item #: 19462

Cauldron medium with handle

The cauldron to collect for Sweet and Sour handing out!

Whether it is Walpurgis Night, Halloween or a fairy tale story, every witch needs her cauldron! For centuries, witches brew in her black boilers, the oddest potions, poisons and mixtures.Our black cauldron with handle you can use as a decoration for your Halloween buffet, or you take the cauldron with on your tour of the neighborhood, for the collection of sweet or sour the custom of "Trick or Treat"

The cauldron with handles made of black plastic is a great Halloween party accessory.The height of the cauldron is 15 cm, the opening is also 15 cm wide, and the diameter at the widest point 20 cm.The handle allows you comfortable to wear the cauldron arm.Other accessories for witches or for your Halloween kids party you'll find in our shop.You May Also Like the Skull Witch Child Costume Size S or something sweet for Halloween, as Haribo Vampires Fruit Gums ,

  • Color: Black
  • Size: Height ca.15cm, diameter ca.20 cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Cauldron medium with handle for sweets or chips
  • suitable as decoration or as an accessory for witches