Bloody Scream Knife Filled

Item #: 15602

Bloody Scream Knife Filled

Original plastic knife from the US horror film Scream

With Scream fetched director Wes Craven to dusty slasher horror film back to life and provides in several parts for high voltage."Scream" was a huge success worldwide at the box office and made with the Scream mask, and the corresponding black cowl of nightmares.,The preferred killer tool of teenage Killers is his bloody Scream knife and a long, silver metallic shiny machete.

The bloody filled Scream Knife is made of double-walled plastic, in the thick liquid film on blood and expires.With every movement spread so the red lifeblood and gives a cool splatter effect.Clear fits the knife at any other serial killers like Jason or Michael Myers.The fitting Scream Costume With Mask or individual Original Scream Mask you find also in our offer!

  • Delivery: 1 x Bloody Scream Knife Filled
  • Size: approx. 32 cm
  • Material: plastic