Breast Inspector brand

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Breast Inspector brand

The outrageous Busengrabscher is currently active to carnival and events such as the Oktoberfest

With the Breast Inspector trademark of Busengrabscher gets least something like a dog or police badge, which identifies him as breasts addicted Breast Inspector.If the unassuming Boobs Grabber pulls out his silver Breast Inspector brand, it's time to look into the distance or to grab a rolling pin and have the guy in his place.

The Breast Inspector brand is in silver metal and shows two plump breasts and is with the lettering Boob Inspector and Department of Tittillations.The Breast Inspector brand is a super fun stuff for Carnival, the bachelor party and frivolous fetish and theme parties.

  • Size: ca.8 cm, width ca.4,5 cm
  • Material: Metal