Worm Pills 10 PCS

Item #: 8800324

Worm Pills 10 PCS

Yucky fun for all the family!

When we think of worms, we usually remember our childhood. Haven't we all (at least considered) to eat an earth worm for a dare or tried to find out if a worm that was cut in half still can survive? And we think of all the worms used as fishing bait. Life's not easy easy for those little disgusting fellas...
Now, here's their revenge! Our Worm Pills 10 PCS will shock anyone who didn't expect a nasty practical joke. Take a glass of water and put as many worm pills as you like inside of it. They will immediately transform into worm-like entities and give the victim of your prank the creeps. The pills are completely hazard-free and easy to use. Try them out, you will see how much fun it is to make someone's hair curl. Chck out all the other funny pranks in our shop! E.g. the Novelty Item Kotze and the Kackhaufen spray.

Material: sponge

Not suitable for children under the age of 14!