Rubber Sausages

Item #: 18542

 Rubber Sausages Joke Article

The Rubber Sausages are the perfect costume accessory for butcher or chef outfits and a great joke and decoration for all sorts of funny parties!

 This string of rubber sausages will give you the unmistakable look of a master butcher. The funny Rubber Sausages are also a great decoration for Halloween or carnival parties and your guests will find it difficult not to try them. Karl the Butcher loves his sausages and even you want it!

The Rubber Sausages are approx. 86 cm long and consist of 8 latex sausages which look like large Frankfurters. The Rubber Sausages are a great party gag for children's birthday or fancy dress parties. Check out the Rubber Sausages joke article and many other cool party jokes like the Rubber Sausages in our Horror Shop!

Material: 100 % latex